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We offer a professional and personal approach to your care and treatment.

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Holme Valley Clinic works with a diverse range of clients, including both professional and amateur sports enthusiasts.


We have experience working with joint and muscle problems known to be associated with certain physical activities and sports.

Special, individual care

Our medical professionals provide specialist medical care, and work alongside consultants and GPs to ensure that the physiotherapy you receive is perfectly suited for your needs.


As well as sport's injuries, we can also assist with a huge variety of soft tissue injuries. For more information, please don't hesitate to call our team.

Conditions we can help with

Sprains, strains, ligament and muscle damage:


Frozen shoulder - Small muscles called the 'rotator cuff' become tight, stiff and scarred often following overuse, but can occur spontaneously or following injury.


Tennis/Golfer's elbow - Repetitive micro-strain of the muscle attachment on the side of the elbow causing tightening, loss of grip and pain.


RSI carpal tunnel syndrome - Repetitive strain injury from overuse involving tendonitis pain and swelling common with computer/mouse use.


Hip and groin pain - Can be numerous problems including arthritic hip, muscle, ligament damage or hernia.

A caring, professional approach to injury management and pain relief.

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