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We offer a professional and personal approach to your care and treatment.

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At Holme Valley Clinic, we are committed to providing care for spinal conditions, neck and back pain, soft tissue injuries and much more. Since 1991, we have been treating patients in Huddersfield, and we now offer our services as far out as Honley and West Yorkshire.

Specialist expertise, convenience and affordability

We are specialists in the physiotherapy field, providing effective pain relief to patients with a wide variety of conditions. We offer convenience and flexibility, working around your schedule, and ongoing advice to ensure that you recover properly from your condition.


We also offer individual attention and pain management, and can help create a quicker recovery with early treatment.

Problems we cover:

- Frozen shoulder

- Jaw pain

- Golfers elbow

- Hip and groin pain

- RSI carpal tunnel syndrome

- Osteoarthritis

- Shin splints / pain

- Sprained ankle

- Lumbago / back ache


...and so much more.

For individual joint treatment and soft tissue pain relief,

call the experts.

01484 66 77 61

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