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We offer a professional and personal approach to your care and treatment.

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Holme Valley Clinic has been treating spinal neck and back pain since 1991. Our medical professionals offer physiotherapy treatment designed for a wide range of ailments. As well as spinal problems, we can also focus our efforts to solve a whole variety of musculoskeletal problems.

Personalised physiotherapy

During our decades of experience, we have worked with a huge range of problems. We offer a comprehensive list of methods to help reduce pain.


Through physiotherapy and personalised, individual care, we can create a course of treatment designed to solve your specific health problems.

Neck, Thoracic, Back and Sciatic Pains

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments to help reduce your pain and return you to normal activity quickly.


Our treatment covers:


- Cervical pain: is usually irritation of the small joints in the neck


- Thoracic pain: which involves spinal joint issues in the middle of the back, normally involving rib joints where they attach to the spine.


- Lumber pain/Lumbago: which is the most common form of back ache caused by inflamed joints and muscle tightness including arthritic joints.


- Disc problems: which are caused by wear and tear or bulges in spinal discs.


- Sciatic pain: which can be related to joint problems, disc, nerve or slipped disc diagnosis.

Get relief from pain, neck and back ache from professionals in Holmfirth.

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